Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally to Denver...

This post is going to serve as an introductory, journal-styled entry until I gather more of the academic information we have been discussing in seminar. I am currently staying at Regis University with The Washington Center, who will be providing academic preparation and fieldwork placement for the Democratic National Convention, which starts in six short days. We have been getting academic lectures and been placed into small discussion groups to foster intellectual growth and critical thinking on various political matters. Much of the discussion has already given me further insights on other positions and ideas to consider when writing the substantive portion of my paper to accompany the data set(s). I am looking forward to the next two weeks I am to spend here in Denver and will try to post daily as new ideas, information, and insights become available.

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Prof. Lindgren said...

Good luck Steve.

I think your paper/research sounds very interesting. Are you planning on presenting it at any upcoming conferences?

Have fun at the convention. Feel free to stop by my office when you get back from Denver. I would like to have you come and speak to my elections class this term, giving us some personal insight on the convention.